Microsoft gives everyone a chance to buy a HoloLens

It will, however, set you back $3,000.

In the past, developers had to apply for a chance to buy Microsoft's augmented reality headset. Now, the tech titan has loosened up its requirements for purchase. You only have to meet three conditions to be able to get up to five HoloLens units: 1.) you have a Microsoft account, 2.) you have an address in the US or Canada, and 3.) you can afford the device's $3,000 price tag. The device is officially on offer for developers, but so long as all three requirements aren't an issue, you can get one (or five) straight from the Microsoft store. We'll bet the consumer edition will be easier on your wallet, though. So if you're not developing apps for the device, you can always wait a bit longer to make sure you can afford rent next month.