Ting made its pay-for-what-you-use data rates cheaper yet

Across the board, prices have dropped between $2 and $10.

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Plume Creative via Getty Images
Plume Creative via Getty Images

Folks looking to save a few bucks on their cellphone bill might want to take a look at Ting. It's an alternative to the likes of pre-paid offerings from the big carriers and the company's approach might be enough to sway you. Ting operates on a pay-what-you-use basis, and it recently announced drops in rates ranging from $2 to $10 for its data plans. Specifically, using less than 500 MB per month will run $10 rather than $12, below 1 GB is $16 versus $19 and up to 2 GB will cost $20. Should you need more than that, each additional gigabyte will be $10.

The move brings Ting in line with other contract-free carriers. But, if you aren't careful, it could end up costing more than you expect if you're a heavy talker or texter.

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