Solavei MVNO will pay you when your friends sign up, $49 a month all-in for those without any


Unlike regular mobile networks, virtual operators -- or MVNOs -- have none of those expensive cellular infrastructures to worry about. Newcomer, Solavei, (which rides atop T-Mobile) is using this freedom to focus in on its business model. Just out of beta, the provider is offering unlimited voice, text and data for $49 per month, or free. Free? Well, if you're silver-tongued enough to talk friends and family into signing up, too, you'll get $20 kickback a month for every three -- or "trio" as the marketing calls it -- that you convince. There are other bonuses and chances to earn money -- all obviously aimed at spreading the network's audience, and offsetting the lower overheads. You can also use your own unlocked phone, or buy one of the three that Solavei currently offers (HTC One X, Wildfire S and ZTE Origin). This isn't the first time we've seen such philanthropic approaches, and it might smack a little bit of MLM, but if your after an all-you-can eat mobile deal, and have a large group of friends, this could be a nice little earner. Still not sold? Perhaps the feel-good corporate video after the break will switch that up.