GoPro's Hero5 camera could pack GPS

FCC filings and leaks suggest that this will be a big upgrade.

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Reuters/Mike Segar
Reuters/Mike Segar

GoPro most definitely has a future planned beyond drones and virtual reality rigs. Both an FCC filing and an apparent video leak suggest that the upcoming Hero5 action camera will give you a couple of good reasons to ditch your Hero4. To start, the FCC entry makes clear references to built-in GPS. It's not certain how you'd use it, but it's easy to see the technology used for geolocating your videos or tracking performance. That same filing also hints at a thinner, lighter body.

There are also hints that the interface is getting a makeover. Reddit user Konrad-iturbe has posted what's purported to be a Hero5 instruction video, and the device would have a significantly redesigned (and likely easier to use) touch control scheme. There's also mention of a "GoPro Sniper" option, although it's not certain what that is. An attachment? You won't have to wait long to get the full scoop when GoPro has promised that the Hero5 will launch this year, but this is a nice hint of what you can expect.

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