A bus suspended over the ground, and more in the week that was

In other news, get ready for a Tesla Minibus next year.

So far Tesla has launched a sexy sportscar, a luxe sedan, a powerful SUV, and an affordable electric car. What's next? Think bigger. According to Elon Musk, the company is set to unveil an electric Minibus next year, and it will drive itself. Speaking of buses, China just unveiled the craziest one we've ever seen: It's suspended above the ground, and is tall enough to fly right over traffic jams. A team of students created the world's most efficient electric car, which gets an outrageous 26,135 MPGe. Gogoro launched a new electric scooter sharing service in Berlin, and the world's first Hyperloop factory opened for business.

In other news, Tesla is broadening its portfolio beyond electric cars. This week the company announced a $2.6 billion merger with SolarCity, and Musk revealed plans to build gigantic battery Gigafactories all around the world. California gets a lot of its energy from renewables -- and that figure is set to skyrocket, as the Golden State just announced plans for the world's largest floating wind farm. And researchers have developed living bricks that could be used to build energy-generating houses.

Is the singularity upon us? This week IBM created the world's first artificial neurons, which process and transmit signals just like the ones in your brain. In other tech and design news, researchers created a fog harvester that sucks water out the air like a cactus. A new smart beehive could fight colony collapse by monitoring the health of bees. A high-tech pen scans the colors of objects and lets you draw with over 16 million hues. And an avant-garde face mask uses spiderwebs to clean the air that you breathe.