This is the Hiring Tool All Modern Teams Should Have

Hiring is one of the most difficult elements when it comes to the management of a business. Determining what talents are needed for a company to succeed and then finding the time and knowledge to recruit that person is something that hinders many entrepreneurs, and successful hiring can be expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, unsuccessful hiring can be disastrous for the health of the company.

What makes hiring a more complex task than, for example, accounting, business planning or many other business challenges, is that the aid in the hiring process is difficult to be found. Recruiters can be expensive and, sometimes, do not perfectly meet the interests of your company. Books and online articles do offer some guidance, but are not always thorough and specific.

The key to make the entire process of finding the right person is to develop a very clear idea of what you are seeking. This description should include both the tasks the job entails and the type of person that best fits those tasks. After having this, success depends on asking the right questions during the interview process, in order to really make sure that person is right.

In addition, there is still another important tactic to use: having a strong and specialized tool to help on that. Recruitee is one of the best software to help with hiring, and is considered to be the best applicant tracking system in the market. It is rapidly becoming the industry standard for fast-growing SMEs around the world, and their clients include Vice, Hotjar and Vlisco.

Recruitee wants companies to have the best possible experience and focus on the right candidate(s), so it is designed to present a comprehensive overview of all candidates and hiring stages, with a very interesting and useful drag and drop interface that makes the process much easier.

But Recruitee's capabilities go way further. It also features an employer branding editor, allowing to style and brand a mobile-ready careers site with ease, to make sure that candidates have the right experience when using it. That careers site can also be used to showcase the team and explain the company's culture, all with social media integration.

Advertising and promoting job openings is also an important part of the hiring process, which is why this software also shows the best places to do exactly that, on free and paid outlets. It offers a browser extension for Chrome, which eases the pain of finding and importing passive candidates scouted from different sources, such as LinkedIn, Dribbble, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook or Twitter.

Recruitee is a useful software for almost every business, especially the ones looking to empower their team with the best possible candidates. If you are interested, be sure to check out the software's free demo.