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Google will power Stanford's genomics service

It will launch sometime this fall.
Google will power Stanford's genomics service
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|August 9, 2016 5:33 AM

Stanford aims to make genetic testing a normal part of patient care, and it's teaming up with Google to make that happen. The university's School of Medicine will launch Clinical Genomics Service this fall, which is powered by Google Genomics that stores DNA data in the cloud. DNA sequencing is built into the system -- doctors that request for it will get a large amount of data back. They can then use Google Cloud to analyze the data they get and compare it against other information in the system to find any anomaly that might be responsible for a patient's condition. It could improve how doctors treat different cancers and help decipher illnesses that are especially hard to diagnose and treat correctly.

Lloyd Minor, Stanford's School of Medicine dean, said:

"In the past few years, the amount of available data about health care has exploded. While researchers are learning to integrate this big data, putting it to work for individual patients, in real time, is a huge challenge. Our collaboration with Google will help us to meet this challenge."

While Stanford is storing all the DNA data it gets on the Google Cloud Platform, only the university will have access to it. Further, the system will encrypt patient information and keep it within servers in the United States for extra security.

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Google will power Stanford's genomics service