You can now message President Obama on Facebook

Courtesy of the new White House chat bot.

President Obama is no stranger to social media, and now the leader of the free world is making it even easier to reach him on the world's largest social network. In a Facebook post today, the White House announced you can now send them a note via Messenger, exactly as you might send a message to friend.

Of course, since this is the president we're talking about, there's actually one or two extra steps you'll need to take to make sure your message gets though. Users hoping to send the President a note will need to head to or find the White House on the Messenger app to start a thread with the President's new chat bot. After a fun fact ("The President reads ten of these messages every night."), you'll be asked to enter your message, confirm the text and then add your contact information. If you're lucky, your message will get make it into the President's batch of ten must-reads, just don't try hitting him up on BBM.