Facebook wants your News Feed to be more informative

It's tweaking its algorithm yet again to bring you news that's useful to you.

Facebook is on a constant quest to refine and tweak its News Feed algorithm so that you'll see stories that are relevant and of interest to you. Now it aims to improve it even further with a new "ranking signal" that's based on whether the piece of news is actually informative. From now on, stories that are more informative will float to the top, while the ones that are not so interesting will sink to the bottom.

The way the company figures out if something is useful is via a Feed Quality Program, a crowd-sourced survey where people rank a link on a scale from one to five, with five being "really informative." According to Facebook, a link is deemed informative if it's related to interests, if it prompts greater discussion or if it reveals a lot about current events like, say, the presidential race.

This so-called "ranking signal" is then combined with several other Facebook metrics -- such as your relationship to the person or publisher who posted the piece and if you tend to comment or share similar links -- so you'll hopefully get informative and interesting stories that are tailored to you. This NewsFeed update is rolling out today, and will change over time as your interests and tastes evolve.