Xbox One S converted into a road-ready laptop

It's more like a briefcase than notebook.

Do-it-yourself Xbox laptops have been around since Ben Heck cobbled one together from an Xbox 360, but "laptop" is a misnomer -- most are more like small desktops with screens hinged on. Modder Edward Zarick, the creator of the "Xbook One," is trying to change that (a bit), though. The "Xbook One S" is a smaller and slimmer thanks to the Xbox One S guts and a Samsung 19-inch screen. Unlike the 22-inch Vizio model used on the original, the new display has 720p rather than a 1080p resolution, unfortunately.

He built the new model for users who might want console gaming on the go or in a plane, assuming there's a power outlet and they'd let you on with one. (It's easy to imagine one in the back of a band's tour bus, as a colleague notes.) The case is made from laser-cut acrylic and 3D printed parts that Zarick describes as "sturdy," though not rugged.

Inside, it's a stock Xbox One S that "has not been altered in any way," he says, adding that the original warranty is nonetheless void because of his modding. If you're crazy enough about console gaming to want one of these, it's available in black or white and costs $1,495 for the 500GB model, and $1,545 with 1TB (plus shipping).