CVS launches its own mobile payment system

And it's live in a handful of states already.

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CVS, which has yet to adopt Apple Pay and other NFC-based payment services, has launched a mobile payment solution of its own. It's aptly called CVS Pay, and it shows a barcode on the phone screen that the pharmacy can then scan to ring up your purchases, so long as you link a credit or a debit card to it. You can also present the barcode to pick up prescriptions that you can refill and manage in-app, as well as to rack up loyalty points. No need to present your physical rewards card at the counter anymore.

You also don't have to physically hand over your phone for a drive-through pick-up, since the service generates a five-digit code you can tell the personnel. CVS Pay lives within the company's Pharmacy app. If you're in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, you either have to download the app or update it to start using the payment service. You'll still get access to the feature even if you don't live in any of those locations, though you might have to wait a few months, as it's not scheduled for a nationwide rollout until later this year.

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