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Jabra's latest sport headphones track more of your fitness regime

New versions of the Sport Pulse and Sport Coach wireless headphones monitor VO2 Max levels and count your reps.

Jabra's Sport Pulse and Sport Coach wireless headphones have been available for some time now, but the company has new versions of both models with some added features. Let's start with the Sport Pulse Special Edition, shall we? The heart-rate tracking in-ear headphones debuted in 2014, but now they gain automatic and continuous VO2 Max level monitoring thanks to a hand from the Jabra Sport Life app. If that term is unfamiliar, VO2 Max levels are a measure of aerobic fitness, or to put it another way, how efficiently your body uses oxygen. The new version of the Sport Pulse also offers coaching based on your heart rate and fitness level during exercise sessions.

Speaking of coaching, the Sports Coach Special Edition wireless headphones (below) also offer a key addition from the original model. This time around, the earbuds not only provide guidance, but thanks to a new TrackFit motion sensor, the headphones can count your reps during a workout. Right now the feature only keeps tabs of 10 common exercises, but Jabra says that number will increase with future updates. For the time being, expect the headphone and app duo to tally movements like push-ups, lunges and burpees.

There a a number of features that both Special Editions offer. They're both IP55-rated for dust and water resistance alongside a 3-year extended warranty that protects against damage from sweat. Jabra says that you'll be able to use both models for up to 5 hours before needing to recharge and they both last for up to 10 days in standby mode. The company also notes improvements to sound quality with enhanced bass and overall call quality. Finally, for more fit options, Comply foam tips are included in the box. Both the Sport Pulse and the Sport Coach Special Editions are set to ship in Q3, with the former priced at $160 while the latter costs $120.