Intel's Euclid is a RealSense PC the size of a candy bar

It'll now be even easier to add sensors to robots.

Intel has just announced Euclid, a unique all-in-one RealSense device that's packed in the size of a candy bar. As CEO Brian Krzanich said on stage at the Intel Developer Forum keynote, this is essentially an easy way to bring sensors to any robot. The Euclid packs in a camera, an Atom processor, onboard communications, a battery and even a self-contained PC running Ubuntu Linux and Robot OS. Think of it as a robotics platform you can put in your pocket.

An on-stage demonstration at IDF showed it in action. Simply attach Euclid to a robot, and suddenly it can see and sense the world around it. "Intel's Euclid is a developer's dream for RealSense," said Krzanich. Along with Euclid, Intel also announced RealSense 400, which is much thinner and smaller than its predecessor. It also boasts increased accuracy, double the number of 3D points captured per second and improved operating range as well.