Instagram adds event video channels to the 'Explore' feed

So you can catch clips from that concert even if you weren't there.

Instagram wants you to know it's more than just photos; it's about videos too. That's why the app has been investing quite a bit in surfacing them more in its Explore tab. Earlier this year, it added a video channel for easier to find clips and further sorted them into 23 different categories, such as dogs, comedy and travel. Now Instagram has added yet another way to find interesting videos: through events.

Starting today, the Explore tab will have an events video channel that showcases the latest and greatest footage from events around the world. That could include concerts, sporting events, theater performances and more. So you could theoretically look for clips taken during festivals like Lollapalooza, or a concert in another city, and watch them right on Instagram.

The feature will only be available in the US to start. Like the rest of Explore, the videos you see in the tab will be personalized for your particular tastes, so it'll float what it thinks are clips of of your favorite events to the top.