Netflix strikes a deal with Enseo to offer its service in hotels

Netflix could soon be available in any hotel where the Room Operating Center is offered.

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REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo
REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo
Tired of relaxing in your hotel room and flipping on the TV only to realize you can't binge watch your favorite shows without Netflix? Netflix knows the true horror of this realization. That's why it's partnered with hospitality company Enseo to provide the Netflix app in more hotels.

Enseo HPC showing Netflix

With the agreement, any guest staying in a hotel with devices powered by Enseo will be able to either sign up for a Netflix account or log into the one they already have via the TV in their guest room. The TVs will include a Netflix icon or there will be one on the remote control. It won't require guests to pay additional in-room fees for using the internet, either, and when the guest checks out, their Netflix credentials will be removed from the device they've logged into automatically.

This is an interesting development for guests who frequently travel and find themselves without a way to access their favorite shows. Without having to pay extra to get online and without the need to lug along a laptop or way to access Netflix this can drastically improve the in-room experience. Because sometimes you've got to get your Hell's Kitchen on when you're on vacation, and cable just doesn't show what you're looking for when you want to watch it.

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