Iconic NY store's extensive Mac collection is up for auction

The Tekserve auction includes the Lisa, NeXT cube and a Woz-signed Macintosh.

Tekserve, a landmark New York City Apple dealer and repair center for 29 years, closed this week and is auctioning off its huge collection of computers and other tech. The centerpiece is a 35-piece (mostly) Macintosh collection from its Mac Museum, which only includes groundbreaking or special models and "consciously omits variants." Highlights include a 128K Macintosh signed by Steve Wozniak, a Lisa and a NeXTcube. So far, the top bid is $31,000.

That's not nearly all, though. Other items up for bid include a Blade Runner poster signed by Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Rutger Hauer, Edward James Olmos and Ridley Scott ($550 so far), several "Think Different" posters (Bob Dylan's has hit $200), a working Aibo robot dog and an Apple Newton Emate 300 PDA, which can be had if you're willing to pay more than $20. Hopefully the Mac collection will end up in a place where folks can still see it, but if you're interested in grabbing a piece of history, check out all the items here.