Jabra's headphones can be prescribed by a doctor to monitor fitness

Sport Pulse wireless headphones will send exercise stats to physicians via TrainerMD.

Doctors can now prescribe fitness-tracking headphones as part of of a patient's health management regime. Jabra announced today that ts newly announced Sport Pulse wireless headphones are now part of TrainerMD's HIPPA-compliant 360 Health Program. This means that the audio accessory can be prescribed by a physician or trainer to help a patient with fitness and nutrition. What's more, Jabra says that this is the first time a wearable device has been made available as part of a prescription wellness program to combat obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Jabra's Sport Pulse headphones pack in both fitness testing by monitoring VO2 Max levels and in-ear heart rate tracking. Collected data will be streamed to the TrainerMD dashboard where doctors, nurses and trainers can receive real-time notifications on pulse, calories burned and pace. Medical professionals can then use the stats to provide further recommendations over time. TrainerMD's 360 Health Program is in pre-enrollment right now, but it's slated to launch this fall.

A new version of the Sport Pulse headphones was announced earlier this week. The latest model added the VO2 Max monitoring on top of pulse tracking that was a key feature on the previous release. That addition of VO2 Max levels uses Jabra's Sport Life app to keep tabs on aerobic fitness by measuring how efficiently your body is using oxygen. The new Sport Pulse Special Edition was revealed alongside Sport Coach Special Edition wireless headphones that count your reps as well as provide training tips during a workout.