Bigscreen's 'VR LAN party' comes to the Oculus Store

It's also updated with customizable avatars and audio sharing for everyone.

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Bigscreen's 'VR LAN party' comes to the Oculus Store

Bigscreen's promise to bring the environment of a LAN party into virtual reality is becoming more credible, now that it's also available in the Oculus store. The free software has been "completely cross-platform" since launch, ready for sharing with friends using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets, and now you can get it in a new place. As the name implies, it syncs a virtual space so people can show what's on their desktop to everyone else, even if they're not physically looking over your shoulder.

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The software is also getting a big upgrade, with avatars that are customizable down to their hair, eyes, skin color, gender and glasses. It also claims pseudo eye-tracking and synced mouth movements to help increase the presence in VR (at least, as much as you can with a group of disembodied heads). Another new feature is that now everyone will be able to share their desktop audio, not just the host. That makes it easy for anyone to pull up a YouTube clip, start playing a game or listen to music, without shuffling things around so everyone can hear.

The new update should be available on Steam and Oculus right now.

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Bigscreen's 'VR LAN party' comes to the Oculus Store