Claymation puzzler 'Armikrog' comes to the PS4 on August 23

It features extra functionality for the DualShock controllers.

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Claymation puzzler 'Armikrog' comes to the PS4 on August 23

There's no rule that game animations must be done in a computer. The creators of Armikrog elected to use claymation, the painstaking stop-motion process beloved in such movies as Wallace and Grommit. The title raised $974,000 on Kickstarter and was released for PC, Mac and Linux last September, following several delays. The PS4 version was further held up, but we finally have a release date and price on the console: August 23rd for $9.99.

The delays are understandable, considering the painstaking process of creating the animations. "Every single level, every single character, and all of the things you will see in Armikrog actually existed in our tiny studio where we had to basically run through the game frame by frame -- it was a major production," wrote publisher Lance James. There's still no release date for the Wii U and a physical version of the game, though the company said on Facebook that it's "working away" on them.

When it first launched on the PC, reviewers loved how the game looked, but gave it tepid marks for the basic gameplay and lowbrow humor -- and the $25 launch price probably didn't help. However, the company has since issued numerous updates and created extra functionality for the PS4's DualShock controllers. "You can use it as a standard pointer if you wish, allowing for a free range of motion, and you can also use it to solve some of our puzzles rather than using the joysticks or the d-pad," said James. That, plus the $10 price, should make Armikrog interesting for PS4 owners.

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