'Titanfall 2' multiplayer tech test is now open to all

Get your fill of mech-wrecking on Xbox One and PS4 this weekend.

Jon Shiring, the lead engineer for Titanfall 2 at Respawn Entertainment, announced via Twitter on Friday that the game's first "Multiplayer Tech Test" session is now live. The open event (no pre-orders or game codes necessary) which runs through the weekend will give players the chance to try out the game's first two mechs (Ion and Scorch). Players will also be treated to five new competition styles: Bounty Hunt, 5v5, Pilots vs. Pilots and 8v8.

In another tweet, Shiring describes this test version as a pre-alpha build with known bugs, so don't be surprised if the gameplay isn't quite polished yet. The whole point of letting anyone interested play is so Respawn can road test the game's new server setup and hopefully avoid problems at launch. Next weekend phase two of the testing will occur with different maps, game modes, titans and more. The full game is slated for release on October 28th.