New tourism app has IBM's Watson guide you around Orlando

Go ahead, ask it anything.

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There's plenty to do in Orlando, Florida besides getting a tan -- what with Universal Studios, Disney World, the Epcot Center and SeaWorld. And a new app, backed by the supercomputing power of IBM's Watson, will tell you how to get the most out of every one of your minutes in the Sunshine State.

The Visit Orlando app is designed to help visitors figure out what they want to do while in the city. Users can ask the app virtually any question within reason and receive helpful travel and booking tips in reply. Want to eat somewhere with live music? Want to know where you can watch your kids torment a dude making minimum wage while dressed as a corporate mascot? All you have to do is ask the app. Users will also be able to order tickets to popular attractions, find interesting things to do in their immediate vicinity and play a variety of augmented reality games throughout the city.

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