Google Wallet introduces automatic transfers

There's no longer any need to wait on lengthy cashing out processes to get your money.

Google has just pushed out an update to its Wallet mobile app that allows automatic transfers to your bank account. Previously, if you wanted to use money from the account elsewhere you'd have to go in and cash out your Google Wallet balance first. Omitting this part should be a boon for regular users who don't have to remember an extra step just to have access to their cash.

Choose a debit card or bank account to link to your Google Wallet, which you can enable for automatic transfers (unless, as TechCrunch mentions, you'd prefer to keep your balance stored with Google, which is still possible). It will take some time to transfer to your debit card, but overall it's a smoother solution than the old process.

It's great to see Google Wallet updating to add more functionality, especially since it killed off the service's linked debit card only a couple of months ago. This levels the playing field between other payment services like Venmo, Squarecash and PayPal, and helps put Wallet back on the map after its previous missteps.