Russia's free, PC multiplayer Halo game has been cancelled

Now, nobody gets to play 'Halo Online.'

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Russia's free, PC multiplayer Halo game has been cancelled

Remember that Halo game you heard about that wasn't launching in North America? Well, now it's not launching anywhere. Halo Online was originally intended to be a free, multiplayer game designed exclusively for the Russian market. Despite launching a closed beta in its target market, the project's staff has announced that Halo Online is no more. The game has been cancelled.

According to the Halo Online page on VK, Russia's largest social network, the future of the game was in question for the last six months -- with both the team and fans waiting on Microsoft for an announcement. The post says that Microsoft failed to make a decision during the past six months, but said it knows now that "the current form of the game will not be released." Players have until the end of the month to use any in-game currency they might still have.

The game's social pages are also being shut down, with staff stating that it doesn't want to give the community false hope for a revival. "This decision was not easy for us," the staff wrote on VK. "But we understand that there is nothing worse than uncertainty."

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