Sprint offers 'Unlimited Freedom Premium' for heavy video users

For $20 more than the 'Unlimited Freedom' plan, users get HD video streaming access.


Not long after introducing its "Unlimited Freedom" option, Sprint has announced a new plan called "Unlimited Freedom Premium," which offers high-definition video for $20 more than the vanilla plan.

Users will pay $80 for a single line for the HD video access and $140 for two lines. Previously when the original Unlimited Freedom plan was announced, we lamented the lack of option for special data plans like this one, so it's an interesting move to offer it now after already rolling out a new plan so recently.

This likely comes in response to T-Mobile's recent launch of T-Mobile One, which offers unlimited calling, texting and data for $70 a month in exchange for throttling video bandwidth for lower-quality video. It's a cheaper plan, but it's likely not tolerable for anyone looking to consistently stream HD video.

The Unlimited Freedom Premium plan includes HD music and streaming in addition to HD video at up to 8 megabits per second, and right now if you sign up for a new Unlimited Freedom account you can get Premium for free through October 31st to take it for a test drive and see if it's worth the extra $20 for you.