Apple launches 2TB iCloud storage for $20 a month

You can still pay for the lower tiers if you don't need this much space.

Apple has introduced a way to stop that annoying "full storage" iCloud message from popping up in the near future: a new tier that offers 2TB of space. The company has updated its iCloud pricing list ahead of its September event to include the new option, and it will cost you $20 a month in the US, or £14 in the UK. 9to5mac, which first reported on the new tier, noted that there are rumors swirling around that Cupertino is launching a 256GB iPhone 7 during the event. If that's true and you decide to get both, then you won't have to worry about deleting photos and videos for quite sometime. The bigger storage option would also allow you to save more folders on iCloud when macOS Sierra comes out.

Of course, if you don't need that much space, you can continue paying for iCloud's lower tiers, starting at 50GB for $1/£0.79. You can check out how much the 2TB option will cost you on Apple's website, but take note that it could be available in your country even if it isn't in the list. Just go to the iCloud menu in your device's Settings app and tap on "Buy more storage."