Bosch and Drop team up on smarter kitchen tech

Your oven could know how to cook your favorite recipe.

Many appliance makers are forming partnerships to drag their lineups into the smart home era, but Bosch's alliance may be something special. It's teaming up with Drop (of smart scale fame) to add intelligence to kitchen devices. The two are starting modestly: if you have a Series 8 oven with Home Connect support, you can already use Drop to control the appliance as well as monitor the temperature and time. However, the companies have grander things in store.

For one, the oven integration should deepen over time. You could have your oven pre-heat to the temperature you need for a recipe, and turn off right when the meal is done. Other appliances should receive upgrades as well. Your fridge could check its stocks to see what recipes you can prepare, and your blender could give you the right ingredient proportions no matter how much you intend to mix.

There's no mention of just when these features will arrive, assuming they all come to pass. Drop isn't limiting its collaborations to Bosch, though. The German firm is just the "first partner" in Drop's bid to become the framework for smart kitchens everywhere, so don't be shocked if you hear about more initiatives before long.

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