Fitbit Adventures lets you run the New York City marathon virtually

There's a new series of non-competitive challenges you can take part in with your Fitbit.

Fitbit's app rolled out with several new updates today, squarely focused on offering ways to experience virtual outings in the form of Fitbit Adventures.

Utilizing a series of non-competitive micro challenges, Fitbit Adventures will task you with running the New York City Marathon or hiking the trails of Yosemite from the comfort of the gym or your own home. Instead of trudging away on the treadmill, you can pretend you're experiencing something much more majestic.

Each program will allow you to splice it up into multiple day plans or tackle them in one day, offering photographs and other interactive experiences that correlate with where you're currently at in the trail. Moving your phone around will alter what you're currently looking at, as if you were actually hiking each trail, much like apps do in VR space.

If you're looking for a way to spice up your fitness routine, you could do way worse than this. The update's available now if you want to give it a go.