Kawasaki motorcycles will be able to talk to you

The company is developing an AI voice interface system for its bikes.

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Kawasaki motorcycles will be able to talk to you

It seems like technology is edging us closer and closer to 1980s science fiction. Hoverboards? Got that. Advanced robotics? No problem. What about talking vehicles? Turns out, Kawasaki is working on that. The company is in the early stages of creating a voice controlled artificial intelligence for its motorcycles.

Kawasaki says the project is still in its early stages, but Kawasaki hopes the system, called Kanjo Engine, will imbue its riding machines with a bit of personality. Users will be able to talk to their bikes in natural language to tweak performance and adjust other settings. The system is designed to make some changes on its own too, learning user preferences by monitoring their riding style and behaviour. Neat -- particularly if your childhood dream is to solve crimes with a talking motorcycle.

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