Sony's new e-paper watch actually looks like a timepiece

The company wants your money to make its FES Watch U.

Earlier this week, Sony introduced its FES Watch U, an e-paper timepiece that it is crowdfunding in Japan. And today, at IFA 2016, we had the chance to see it in person for the first time. As we pointed out before, the FES Watch U is a much more polished version of Sony's original e-ink watch, which was revealed in 2014. The new wearable features a steel frame, instantly giving it that premium look and feel, as well as sapphire glass on the higher-end model.

It also comes with up to three weeks of battery life and a customizable, always-on face and band. When you combine the fresh design with said functionality, the FES Watch U is undeniably a better product than its predecessor -- at least on paper. We say "at least on paper" because Sony didn't let us try it, so we'll have to wait to make any final judgements until we do so.

But, if you're still interested in the Watch U and happen to live in Japan, you have until October 7th to pledge between ¥44,710 and ¥59,940 to try to get one for yourself. That's between $438 and $587, which may be more than people are willing to pay for this type of watch. Chances are no one will judge you if you do, though.

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