The next 'Pikmin' game is a Nintendo 3DS side-scroller

Fans waiting for a proper 'Pikmin' sequel will have to wait.

It's been well over a year since Shigeru Miyamoto teased us with the possibility of a Pikmin 4, and during today's Nintendo Direct stream, the company announced... something else. The company closed out its 2017 line-up with a new, unnamed Pikmin adventure for 3DS. Okay, it's not the full sequel we were hoping for, but it looks pretty darn cute.

Pikmin for 3DS seems to follow a familiar pattern: Olimar is wandering an alien landscape with an army of brightly colored Pikmin. Together, they collect objects, fight enemies and solve puzzles. Players control Olimar with the physical buttons and throw Pikmin by tapping on the 3DS' touch display. This time around, however, the game is presented as a side-scroller, stretching each level's landscape between the portable console's dual screens. Nintendo says this game is a bit more action focused than previous titles, too.

Sounds neat! But unfortunately, we won't know more for awhile: the game doesn't even have a final name yet, and carries the vague release date of "sometime next year."