'Pikmin 4' is not only real, but nearly finished

You may have had to wait the better part of a decade to get a third Pikmin game, but its follow-up won't take nearly so long. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed to Eurogamer that his company is not only working on Pikmin 4, but that it's "very close to completion." Surprise! Mind you, that's about all that Miyamoto is willing to divulge at this point. He's not talking about release dates, game mechanics (hint: it probably involves marshaling Pikmin) or even the choice of platform. Will this be one of the first games for the upcoming NX system, a swan song for the Wii U, or something else? Whatever the answer, you'll have to sit tight and hope that Nintendo does justice to its cult favorite game franchise.

[Image credit: Daniel Boczarski/WireImage]