Live out your lumberjack dreams in a VR chainsaw simulator


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Nick Summers
September 5, 2016 8:28 AM
Live out your lumberjack dreams in a VR chainsaw simulator

Virtual reality can teleport you into space, the bottom of the ocean and, soon, a version of Boston devastated by nuclear war. On the flip side, the immersive medium can be used for more primitive occupations and pastimes. Remember this forklift truck simulator from Gamescom? Well, now there's something (potentially) even better: Limberjack, an ultra-realistic chainsaw simulator. With a Vive headset and two wand controllers, you can grab one of man's favorite weapons and cut some branches from a downed tree. In the professional lumberjack world, this is called "limbing," and is used regularly as part of logging championships.

I could go on, but Husqvarna -- the game's publisher and a forestry equipment specialist -- does a better job of selling the whole experience:

"The art of stripping felled trees of their branches is exciting, but very dangerous. Welcome to Limberjack! Grab your Husqvarna chainsaw, and pursue your dream of becoming the undisputed greatest limber alive."

The idea is to nimbly trim the branches in the shortest time possible, besting your friends and "picking up techniques used by the pros as you go along." Best of all, there's no requirement that you wear a flannel shirt. You can, however, shout "timber!" at the top of your lungs at any time.

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