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Apple brings watchOS 3 to your wrist on September 13th

Your Apple Watch is about to get a big speed boost and a revamped interface.

Apple brings watchOS 3 to your wrist on September 13th
Jon Fingas
Jon Fingas|@jonfingas|September 7, 2016 1:55 PM

You won't have to pick up Apple Watch Series 2 to see a tangible improvement to your wristwear -- Apple has revealed that its watchOS 3 update will reach original Apple Watch models on September 13th. As promised, speed is the focus. The new watchOS holds favorite apps in memory to shrink loading times, and the side button now gives you fast access to those faves instead of bringing up the (frankly, seldom used) contact wheel. And if you'll recall, this is just the start. There are quite a few interface and fitness tweaks that should make your first-run smartwatch feel fresh.

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On top of the Dock, you can write on-screen with the Scribble mode for those moments when voice dictation and canned replies won't cut it. A Control Center gives you fast access to common settings, and smart replies are available right in notifications. And if you're a fitness maven, you can share activities to compete with your friends, see more activity details at once, and get optional reminders to breathe deeply whenever you're stressed out.

There's more, such as a Home app to control your (HomeKit-compatible) smart household devices, iMessage additions like stickers and full-screen effects, emergency calls and support for Apple Pay in third-party apps. No, WatchOS 3's improvements won't make you forget about Series 2. If you already have an Apple Watch, though, it might reduce the pressure to splurge on upgraded gear.

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Apple brings watchOS 3 to your wrist on September 13th