Tesla builds a fleet of mobile Model X showrooms

These traveling Design Studios will travel the country and encourage you to buy a Model X SUV.

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Tesla builds a fleet of mobile Model X showrooms
Tesla has announced that it's launching a fleet of mobile showrooms to spread the gospel of electric vehicles across America. The company has purchased six Airstream trailers and fitted them out as Tesla-branded "Design Studios," (shops) towed by a Model X SUV. Would-be purchasers are encouraged to hang out, pick out what sort of trim they'd choose and chat to the company's "product specialists" (salespeople).

The craft will travel across the US and reach the places where there isn't -- yet -- a brick-and-mortar dealership. That said, the first stops on the cross-country tour are all cited close to existing Tesla locations, including Portland, Seattle and Tampa. Users in other locations, however, are encouraged to request a car visit their hometown on the Tesla Explores website.

It'll be interesting to see if Tesla spends a long time touring these vehicles in states where its sales model is outlawed. For instance, in Texas, the dealership lobby fought hard against the company's direct-to-consumer business. Will these booths, in which users can effectively pre-order a car online, much as they could at home, constitute a violation? Probably.

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