Nest makes finding security camera highlights easier

The new Sightline feature will enlarge stills of important moments throughout the day.

The great thing about having a camera trained on your home 24 hours a day is that you can see the exact moment something exciting (or terrible like a break in) happens. The worst part is that you have to scan through all that footage to find the instant something occurs. Nest is updating its app to make finding relevant events easier to see. But, it'll probably cost you.

Today Nest added Sightline to its connected-home companion app. The feature that creates multi-day timelapses of footage and highlights key moments during that so users can quickly find what they're looking for. The only catch is that for the feature to work over multiple days users must be subscribers of Nest Aware.

That makes sense because it's meant to help users find instances within days of footage. To help you find that special moment, owners of Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor and DropCam can scrub through their timelines by swiping left and right. Clips where something happens are condensed to single images that automatically enlarge while navigating through the timelapse.

The Sightline feature can also be focused on an Activity Zone. Helpful when you just want to know when someone opens a door or window and not when they walk into a room.

For those without a Nest Aware subscription, Nest if offering a three-hour window version with Sightline. So if you leave the house and know that something insane (or delightful) has happened in the past three hours, you can quickly find it.