Amazon's Alexa can tell you what's trending on Twitter

The "Twitter Reader" skill also reads top tweets and notifications.

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Amazon's Alexa can tell you what's trending on Twitter

Twitter has announced a new "skill" for Echo devices called Twitter Reader. The company tweeted that you can now "use the Twitter Reader to hear trends, top Tweets, notifications & more!" A report yesterday revealed that Amazon might open up its Alexa ecosystem to allow push notifications, so that it could interrupt to warn you about a traffic jam, for instance.

However, Twitter also added "Just #AskAlexa" hashtag, so the new feature apparently doesn't support push notifications just yet. It does give you a lot of options -- you can ask Alexa to read back recent tweets, trending topics and even your own tweets. The device is surprisingly prudish and censors profanity, as PC Mag discovered, so if your feed is like mine, that could be a lot of beeping. However, it should be handy for Twitter addicts who want to stay on top of current events while cooking or doing other tasks.

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