Microsoft launches Actiongram on HoloLens with a tiny George Takei

Now, anybody with HoloLens can make mixed reality videos.

Ever wanted to hang out with a tiny, goofball celebrity? If you happen to have a HoloLens augmented reality headset, now you can. Today Microsoft made Actiongram, its mixed-reality filmmaking app, available to all HoloLens owners -- and celebrated the launch by giving users access to a hologram of George Takei.

The tiny Takei character is pretty adorable, and allows users to superimpose a laughing, tickling and sword wielding hologram of the actor on any video filmed with the augmented reality headset. The public beta also comes with themed packs with Nyan Cat, Grumpy Cat, dinosaurs, unicorns, historical figures and more. The idea is to allow users to add "hollywood" effects to socially sharable videos without any special skills or expertise -- but so far, it's only been available to a select group of "social storytellers." Today, that elite group narrows: now all you need is $3,000 to buy a Hololens developer headeset.