'Pokémon Generations' YouTube series dives deep into game lore

A series of animated Pokémon shorts hope to bring the story of the games to life.

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Sean Buckley
September 13, 2016 10:41 PM
'Pokémon Generations' YouTube series dives deep into game lore

If you love the world of Pokémon, but can't stand the official anime's whiny protagonist, stay tuned: the next Pocket Monster animated adventure has nothing to do with him. On September 16th, a series of shorts will launch under the title Pokémon Generations -- with each episode diving deep into the stories of the original games. Better yet, the show will be launching for free on YouTube.

The bad news? Each of the 18 episodes of Pokémon Generations will be only 3-5 minutes long. That's about an hour and a half of new Pokémon anime, best case scenario. Still, the showrunners promise a lot of content in that time. Generations pledges to visit every region of the Pokémon world to offer a deeper look at the lives of the characters players have come to know and love. If that sounds like a good time, check YouTube at the end of the week: the first episode lands at 9am PT this Friday.

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