Samsung's Note 7 exploding battery 'fix' is a 60 percent limit

Here's how the company will protect people who don't return their phones.

Samsung has a "quick fix" in the works for stubborn Galaxy Note 7 owners who don't want to return their devices, despite the global recall over batteries that might potentially explode. The company will roll out a software update on September 20th in South Korea that will limit the Note 7's battery to a 60 percent charge, which will hopefully prevent overheating, the AP reports.

We still don't know if and when Samsung plans to deliver a similar update to international users, but it's probably a safe bet, since it will reduce further liability from consumer injury. Similarly, it's unclear if Samsung will make the update mandatory to Note 7 users in South Korea. Again, I would be surprised if it does. Samsung plans to start issuing new Note 7 models with updated batteries during the week of September 19th.

The Galaxy Note 7 launch has pretty much been a disaster for Samsung, with dozens of reports about phones exploding and injuring users. Ironically, the phone was also one of Samsung's most well-reviewed devices. The company is now working with the US government on an official recall in America, following a note from the Consumer Product Safety Commission which urged users not to use the Galaxy Note 7. For now, Samsung suggests that Note 7 owners don't charge or turn on their phones.

A battery limit isn't the most high-tech fix, and it's unclear if that's enough to actually avoid explosion issues entirely. But Samsung can't afford to be dogged by continued stories of its flagship phones hurting users.