Google Fiber TV finally gets an interface overhaul

Now with personal recommendations, so you can keep on binge-watching.

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Google Fiber TV finally gets an interface overhaul

While Alphabet ponders switching its high-speed Google Fiber service to wireless, those subscribers already on the bandwagon are getting the biggest update to their TV box since the network went live in 2012. As Google's Fiber team notes today, the Fiber TV interface has been redesigned to add more helpful information, a reorganized DVR and new recommendation functions.

The new look and feel includes Rotten Tomatoes ratings in the program descriptions, better show and movie thumbnails to streamline casual browsing and a Smart Search feature that allows for searching by titles, actors, sports teams and other criteria. And, to finally bring Fiber TV up to the contemporary standards, the service can now recommend movies and TV shows based on the shows you currently watch. So if you've been binging on all that Walking Dead, don't be surprised if George Romero flicks start popping up in your recommendations.

The update starts rolling out to Fiber TV subscribers today, although Google's blog post does mention it could take a couple weeks to reach all current customers.

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