B&O Play speakers get Google Cast multiroom support

Sonos gets even more competition.

In its battle to cover consumers' homes with connected speakers, B&O recently began outfitting its gear with Google Cast functionality. Operating like a Chromecast does on your TV, the company's speakers can directly pull music from the streaming service you're using instead of either your smartphone or tablet. That's on top of its existing AirPlay, DNLA and Bluetooth support. After initially allowing owners to Cast their music to individual speakers, B&O confirmed today that the technology has been opened up to work seamlessly with the other B&O speakers in their multiroom setup.

While Sonos is seen as the go-to brand for multiroom speakers, Google Cast has slowly gained the support of other popular speaker makers. Harmon Kardon, Vizio and Philips are all utilizing the standard, giving Google's streaming technology a much needed boost. Sonos, on the other hand, has gone the other way, opening up to support control directly through Spotify and the Amazon Echo. B&O says both the Beoplay A6 and second-generation Beoplay A9 are already compatible, while its soundbar and other networked speakers will gain multiroom support via a software update.