Top 10 Popular Tech YouTube Channels

I love to keep myself updated with all the new Smartphone, tablets, wearable's and really all kinds of gadgets so I am always in the best position to get the real reviews and news about the latest happenings in the technology world. These days, unlimited gadgets are in the market and it is great to get all the details and information about a particular device or gadget you are going to buy so you can check if it has all the features you are looking for. If you are a tech guy then you should subscribe to these YouTube Tech Channels now to make yourself aware about all new technologies.


MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) – My first choice is MKBHD youtube channel, run by Marques. He is a 21 years old tech guy who is renowned for his reviews and the quality of his videos are excellent. His camera work and eminence is really very professional that you can't leave a single video without learning something new. **If you look at his reviews, you'll find they all have massive YouTube Views. **

Austin Evans – If you are looking for content related to gaming pc builds than you must go to Austin Evans YouTube tech channel. Anyone can find a lot of information relating to budget gaming pc builds or high end builds. You can also find interesting content about Smartphone and other cool stuff.

Unbox Therapy – As its name suggest that you can find here everything related to unboxing (or unpacking) of consumer electronics like phones, laptops, consoles and more. Basically these videos show how's the first impression of the product will be as you open the packaging. This channel got more popularity after they uploaded a video about bending iPhone 6 plus. You can also check reviews and comparisons of latest phones and gadgets here with best quality camera work and latest information. This channel is run by Lewis Hilsenteger.

The Verge – It is not only a high quality tech YouTube channel but also they have a renowned tech related website. You can find everything related to technology but also provide the latest science, art and culture news. You can find information about every single gadget from hoverboards and smartphones, to games and virtual reality.

Google Tech Talks – As we all know google is most popular search engine but now they have launched their tech youtube channel GOOGLE TECH TALKS that provides each and every bit of tech world updates.You can find vast variety of content here ,with individuals lecturing and groups discussing all manner of diverse tech-related subjects.

PocketNow – If you are confused as to which of the latest smartphone you want then you must visit pocketnow. This YouTube channel provides all latest update about each and every phone lunched in market till date from Xperia Z2 to One Plus One and the rest. You can not only find reviews but also can read comparison between latest phones.

TechSmartt – It is one of the best tech youtube channels in sense of best camera quality as well as for content also. They upload content and new videos very often about drop tests, scratch tests, top 25's and also some device reviews.

TechnoBuffalo - This is one more good option to reach a YouTube tech channel with good camera work and quality content. This channel also supplies content on a regular basis and is very motivating to look at. My first visit on this channel was when I was in dilemma to pick a new phone and confused between SAMSUNG note 5 and Iphone 6

Android Authority - If you want to know everything about Google's mobile operating system, these guys are the..Well, authority. Reviews, comparisons, rumor rants, giveaways, apps any many more can be found here.

PCWizKid - It is only for the truly geeky. There is no tech news or views on the newest iPhone here. Instead this is a YouTube channel dedicated to getting under the hood of your machine, with reviews of individual components, as well as tips, tweaks, and tutorials for those who know their computers. This channel has 67,000 subscribers and over 27 million video views.