Oppo's first Ultra HD Blu-ray player is coming later this year

The 4K-ready UDP-203 doesn't have a release date but it's in 'active development.'

Lately we've paid more attention to Oppo's mobile devices, but it's still the home of some well-regarded audio/video equipment. The company revealed its first Ultra HD Blu-ray player at CEDIA 2016 last week, and now is taking sign-ups for more information on its website. We don't have detailed specs for the UDP-203, but Oppo told Chris Heinonen that it would sell for $499. The pictures he took show dual-HDMI ports, two USB jacks, analog 7.1 audio output, RS-232 and Ethernet. HDTVTest, meanwhile, cites UK journalist John Archer reporting that he's been told the player will be available with a step-up UDP-205 model, and both will support Dolby Vision HDR.

So far, customers can choose from Samsung, Panasonic, Philips or Microsoft's Xbox One S (which unfortunately lacks bitstream audio capabilities necessary for Dolby Atmos), with Sony's first 4K-ready player due next year. We're still a bit shocked that the PS4 Pro isn't included in that group, but at least there will be one more option due in 2016, if this one ships on time.