Amazon's Kindle for Kids bundle offers children's books for $99

Track reading goals and build vocabulary with a Kindle just for children.

To offer kids a way to read via Kindle, Amazon is back with another $99 bundle. The Kindle for Kids offer combines the latest e-reader with a cover and a "2-year worry-free guarantee." It's meant to boost reading habits for children complete with tools for tracking reading goals, building vocabulary and access to 250,000 kids titles. Users can also borrow digital versions of books from their local library. Unlike the regular Kindle, this model doesn't come equipped with a backlight so it can't be used in the dark. When the lights are turned off for bed, reading time is over.

This isn't the first time Amazon has offered a Kindle for Kids option, but that doesn't make it any less attractive. Parents looking to buy their kids a digital reading device might jump at the $99 price tag for the device and its features. Of course, this is a dedicated e-reader that doesn't offer a library of apps and games. Couple that with a long-lasting battery and parental controls and Amazon has a rather compelling package for families with young readers.