Watch some truly ludicrous kills from 'Dishonored 2'

The possibilities are endless.

The original Dishonored was all about choice. Corvo had a mission, but how he completed it was up to you. Battle the guards head on? Slow down time and quietly sneak past them? Or lurk in the shadows and summon a swarm of bloodthirsty rats? Dishonored 2, which comes out on November 11th, looks to offer a similar, if not greater level of freedom through its twin protagonists Corvo and Emily. To showcase the game's impressive flexibility, Bethesda has put together a "Creative Kills" video which teases some new powers and how they can be combined to devastating effect.

In one playthrough, Emily is seen chaining enemies together and then pulling them through an electrified gate as a group. In another, she summons a doppelganger on the ledge of a building and then links it to some troops down below. Seconds later, she throws the decoy with telekinesis, launching her enemies like a makeshift catapult. Corvo, meanwhile, has access to "Springrazor" mines which throw out shrapnel upon impact. We see him stopping time to flank an attacker and plant a mine on their back. As soon as time resumes, he kicks the soldier with "Blink Assault," throwing him like a grenade into a larger pack of thugs.

It's all rather impressive.

If you're a diehard Dishonored fan, you might also be interested in the achievement/trophy list for Dishonored 2. Bethesda has been kind enough to publish the lot online, but warns that taking a peek could spoil a few of the game's surprises. If, however, you don't care for Corvo and Emily's story, it's a chance to start plotting some truly ludicrous assassinations.