Force your pals to make decisions with Facebook Messenger polls

Messenger is also rolling out a chat assist test that would make sending money easier and faster.

Instead of having lengthy discussions with your friends on which movie to watch or where to go for brunch, you could just offer them a poll with a list of suggestions. Starting today, you can now do so on Facebook Messenger. While in a group convo, you can tap a Polls icon in the compose window, or you can also just hit More and then choose Poll. Create your list of choices, submit it, and then your friends will be able to see the poll in the conversation and then vote accordingly.

Another new feature you might see in Messenger is a chat assist that'll apparently make it that much easier to send money. You can already do so thanks to a Messenger update last year, but now certain phrases will actually prompt an optional payment link in the conversation. So if you use words like "I owe you" or "pay me back," you might see a send money button pop up. You can then either choose to use it or not. This feature is still in the testing stages, but it should roll out to a few users starting today. Both the poll and the chat assist test are available only in the latest version of Messenger and only for those in the US.