Dutch limo company builds a Tesla Model S hearse

Now the funeral industry is ready to go zero-emission.

While Tesla updates the AutoPilot software to reduce your risk of meeting an untimely demise behind the wheel of one of its vehicles, Netherlands-based builder RemetzCar is taking a different approach. This Tesla Model S isn't the first one to get the stretch treatment, but it is apparently the first one intended for use as a hearse. Commissioned by Van der Lans & Busscher BV, it can make sure your last ride is a zero-emissions one in what the company claims is the first fully-electric hearse.

Similar to the Big Limos project shown above, RemetzCar had to remove the battery first, before stretching the aluminum frame of the Model S by 80cm, or about 31.5 inches. The glass windows and roof complete the look, while a retractable floor holds the coffin and has a storage space underneath. The two are showing off their work at the 2016 Funeral Exhibition.