Roam the Valve HQ reception in VR and find the cake already

Venture into the mouth of GabeN's lair...

When the folks at Valve aren't fiddling with Steam, updating popular first-party franchises or working on wacky projects, they like to have a little fun. Or, at least the team working on Valve's Destinations VR title does. Destinations is a casual, multiplayer experience for exploring community-created worlds and playing simple games with friends. And now, as of the title's most recent update, anyone with a Vive or Rift can feel what it's like to venture inside the hallowed ground that is Valve HQ.

Alright, so it's only a virtual representation of the Valve lobby and adjoining halls, but Gabe Newell himself welcomes you. Fancy that! Also, the level of detail goes as far as branded mousepads and other decor that nods to Valve's various games. When you're bored of spinning the iconic red ring rising from the reception floor, the latest Destinations update also includes a new "Arcade Toss" experience, public lobbies and updated tutorials. If you leave Valve HQ in a hurry, though, who knows what easter eggs you might miss out on. Cake, perhaps?