Sony posts everything you need to know about the PS VR

Here's what you need to know about the headset before it launches.


Since VR headsets are a fairly new category, Sony wants to entice you to buy the PS VR by publishing a lengthy FAQ about the device. In it, the company talks about everything, from its $400 to $500 (for the core bundle) pricing to technical information you need to know to be able to use it. For instance, Sony advises you to switch off your headphones' surround sound, because it will interfere with the headset's 3D audio. Further, wireless earphones won't work with the device -- you'll have to use cans that you'll be able to plug into the headset with a 3.5mm jack.

Another interesting tidbit is that your PS4 will work with the TV just fine even when it's hooked up to the PS VR. However, this passthrough feature doesn't work for HDR signals. So, if you want to take advantage of your TV's HDR capability, you'll have to unhook your PS VR and plug your TV straight to the console.

Besides these points, Sony also talks about the first games you'll be able to play on the platform, its cute Aim controller, multiplayer capabilities and just about anything you can think of to ask. The PS VR will be available on October 13th. You can't pre-order one anymore, by the company says it will give partner retailers extra units to sell on launch day.