Amazon's latest Prime perk is free books and magazines

A bit like Kindle Unlimited, but without the extra subscription.

While members of the Amazon Prime club get all kinds of benefits with their subscription, bookworms don't receive a great deal of special treatment. Sure, they can borrow one e-book for free each month and access new novels early, but the all-you-can-read Kindle Unlimited service requires a separate, $10 per month subscription of its own. That isn't changing today, but Amazon has just announced something of a light version of Unlimited called Prime Reading, which is now available to Prime subscribers in the US.

Prime Reading lets members access over a thousand "popular" books for free, from The Hobbit to Lonely Planet guides, as well as full issues of well-known magazines, comics and short works from the Kindle Singles catalog (including Classics). The carousel of content will rotate too, so you should find new things added to the Prime Reading list fairly often. With winter fast approaching, it's time to get your neglected e-reader recharged, the fire stoked and some free stuff downloaded.